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Shoe related articles and news:

Bunions:  A bunion is a bony lump on the side of the foot at the base of the big toe. This may be an isolated problem, but it is often associated with other problems with the shape of the foot.

The most common cause of bunions is footwear that does not have enough width to fit the toes in their natural position. High heels are particularly to blame as they squash the toes into the narrowest part of... .(see the rest of this article)

Corns:  Foot corns develop as a result of increased pressure on a particular area of skin causing it to become thickened and hard. Corns often appear on the tops of the toes, the sole of the feet or even in between the toes. Because of the constant increased and localized pressure on a specific area of the foot generally from poorly fitting shoes, the skin begins to react in a protective fashion and forms a corn. These... (see the rest of this article)

Caring for leather:   Wearing leather clothes makes such a strong fashion statement, especially during night-time affairs. Sprucing up your clothes with leather shoes and accessories is an effective way to be stylish and to project your personal taste. Aside from its aesthetic value, leather is also durable and sturdy, but you must take great care of your leather clothes and accessories to make sure they retain their.. (see the rest of this article)

Foot pain:  For those who spend a lot of time standing or walking, painful feet may become an unfortunate reality. Taking time to treat painful feet can help soothe the aches and pains, and may help prevent more serious conditions. A healthy soak for feet designed to help increase circulation, promote muscle... (see the rest of this article)