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Alden Shoe Repairs:Alden shoe repair

We gladly repair almost any shoe! However, there are a few interesting facts to know about different brands of dress shoes regarding quality, and longevity. 

You have to do a lot of looking to find something wrong with an Alden shoe.  They are made with care, last a long time, and are practically designed to be fixed over and over again.  Alden, much like Allen Edmonds really only has one issue... the wearer.  If you take care of this shoe, it will take care of you.  Shine it regularly and the leather upper will look good practically forever, take care of the inside of the shoe, by using cedar shoe trees, and rotating them in and out of your daily wear schedule, and the footbed won't rot out.  Pretty simple.

The only minor issue is the heelbase.  Made from really thin layers of leather, and curved around the heel instead of shaped, the heel base is very rarely reusable.  This problem is easily fixed, here at Hoover Shoe Repair, just replace the heel base with the first full sole and heel, and voila' - problem fixed. 

Pros: Excellent leather and construction methods make this shoe repairable over and over again. 

Cons: Not many to list here.  It's an investment to buy a pair, but one that will last a long time.

Bottom Line:  If you want a long-lasting stylish shoe, and price is not an obstacle, these are great shoes.   Make sure you keep the leather from drying out by shining them, use cedar shoe trees and wear them every other day, and this shoe can last a REALLY long time.  Replacing the heel base is not a big deal, you won't even notice the difference.