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 About Hoover Shoe Repair


Hello, my name is Tony Hill and I am the owner and operator of Hoover Shoe Repair.  I began my career in 1979 as a heavy equipment mechanic at Thompson Tractor.   After 15 years at Thompson, I was ready for a new challenge.  In 1993 I began my apprenticeship in shoe repair right here at Hoover Shoe Repair with Morris Princiotta, Sr.  During my apprenticeship, he transferred as much of his 58 years of shoe repair experience to me as he could. 


Hoover Shoe Repair has moved!We also have a internet based shipping option, created due to the plight of the shoe repair industry - after the second world war, almost every town in the United States had a cobbler or leather-smith.  Today, much has changed, a lot of smaller towns are left without a shoe service solution, and large metropolitan areas are left with few shops to service their large population bases.  No job leaves this shop until it is completed down to the smallest detail.  This same dedication to quality and attention to detail is required whether repairing diesel engines or rebuilding a pair of fine shoes.  We use nothing but the best of all materials possible, including Vibram soles and heels, and the highest quality super-prime leather soles and half-soles.  We are a full service shoe repair shop, repairing leather goods, luggage, baseball mitts, as well as shoes.  We are also a retailer for vendors such as Urad, Meltonian, Cadillac, Kiwi, and other shoe care products.  If we do not have a product you are looking for, we can probably find it for you.


I guess you could sum up my philosophy on customer satisfaction in the following statement: "No one ever got better by not knowing what they were doing wrong."  I appreciate and welcome my customers opinion and I am always looking for new and better ways to serve them, and their shoe care needs.  The most common comments I hear from my customers is "these shoes look like new." and "Is that all it costs?" 


Our business is best advertised through positive word of mouth.  If you are ever unhappy with my work please tell me, if you like my work please tell your friends and family.


Thank You,

Tony Hill


Hoover Shoe Repair